Go git um….

When I started cooking I was given a lot of advice, had a lot of people guiding me, looking after me- I was green, in fact I was green enough to look in the china storage area for the china cap, that the chef sent me for.  Yup, green enough to fall for that trick.  The best piece of advice that was delivered to me, that serves in many area’s in my life, not just the kitchen, was – “Just go in and pretend you know what you’re doing”.

So true, so helpful, the number of chefs I have tricked into thinking I know what I am doing thru the years is vast.  Now, I do credit them a bit- they might have suspected, but I made sure not to leave any concrete evidence.  Well, after 12 years of working in a kitchen, sharpening my skills, I have learned a thing or two, had a lot of great leaders to learn from, and a lot of bad ones to also learn from!

I did take that advice with me, and have in fact passed it on to many young culinary warriors!  It rings true in many parts of my life, right here, right now…pretend I know what I am doing…my first blog entry!

Hope you enjoy!!