Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

Having a ton of friends interested in food is awesome, there is always a foodie ready for an adventure! We gathered some of these friends and headed out to The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar at Fashion Square Mall last Sunday. With all the great food, old friends and new ones, and many, many laughs, we couldn’t have had a better time (maybe if it was a bit cooler).

Gator Country


Mike, you didn't actually want anything did you??


Here she comes, Melanie, and looks like she has food!!

Help yourself Sir Wes!
Events like this can be found several days of the week in Orlando, some in parking lots and some in pretty parks. I’m thinking tailgates this fall…..

This trio...good old fun...


The Traditional Arepas, Pupusa, for Alex


Our favorite Seafood Guy, Brian!

There’s Robin!!!

If you have events like this in your town I highly recommend going, you will find friendly people, delicious food and support local business’ at the same time! If there isn’t anything like this close to you, just come to Orlando 🙂

Baby JEM begged and begged to come to the Food Truck Bazaar!

The Batter Bowl Truck

The Batter Bowl Truck


I spy Melissa's Chicken and Waffles being ordered!!


Hmmmmm- the heat is getting to Ben....


The Story of Seaside, Florida and a Food Lover

We just arrived home from a week spent on the Emerald Coast of Florida.  The weather was delightful, lazy days on the beach, friends and family, cocktails at sunset, early morning outings, just plain old R & R!  We had heard about the town of Seaside, I even had been there briefly years ago after the Truman Show had popularized it, but when we arrived we were super surprised about the culinary mind trip we were going to go on!  We spent hours eyeballing restaurants menus, small markets, locally made pickles and jams, tasted butters and yogurt creamed a short trip away; we were in heaven.  Like the way the town of Seaside was established, with the focus on community,  the  food scene certainly practices this as well.  Any foodie visitor to the Emerald Coast should block a few hours for this gastrofantastic town!  Needless to say we came home inspired!!

Small town of Seaside- The Farmer's Market

Fresh NW Florida Local Vegetables- Such a difference in flavor

Organic Tea Leaves- We were able to make our own blends, fun for tea's, marinades, sweets!!

Fresh Jams and Eggs- We took some back to the house and had an amazing breakfast!

Farmers Market Poster- I tried to steal this but thought that might not fly in Seaside!

Great Salads- We found our lunch on the beach #nomnom

Stalks of sweet corn- They were picked the afternoon before!

Fresh Breads- This bakery uses all organic, local ingredients. She baked the breads the day before, they were so good. I went to the local creamery stand and go some of the fresh butter as my bread baking interest was sparked again!

Local Honey- Made an hour down the road, he had Tupelo, Wild Flower and Bay Leaf. Great example of buying direct from the farmer as our purchase came with a quick lesson on the state of honey bees, as well as a taste test of the different types of honey! Awesome!

The Modica Market- A great store, we spent an hour looking at all the specialty local items.

The Modica Market Bakery- Then I spent an hour trying to decide which treat to have- 🙂

Modica Market- Chefs Paradise

Florida Made Cheese- I may not be in the know, but I don't think we have to many cheese artisans in Florida, needless to say I was thrilled to find this tasty cheese!! WOO HOO!!

Local Support- The Community of Seaside is dedicated and built around community. The restaurants, markets and chefs follow suit.

Lady Bird Hot Sauces- The Pink Grapefruit Sauce was awesome- soooo good! Double Win for the ASPCA involvement!

Microgreens! The shoppers in Seaside eat well!!

House Pickled Backyard Goods- I really need to learn to "can", there is so much opportunity! Look for canned goods coming soon 🙂

Ping Tung Heirloom Eggplants! These are awesome, the skin is so tender, the seeds are not bitter - Perfect for Baba Ganoush!

Pickle Stand- A ton of different pickles, amongst other many items 🙂

Seaside CSA Garden- This was awesome, very youth oriented, which instills in the kiddo's that important issues can be fun!

Key Lime Pie on a Stick- Can you ever go wrong with pie on a stick?

Food Trucks of Seaside

Barefoot BBQ Food Truck- Sir Wes could not resist, 2 thumbs up!

The Melt Down, Grilled Cheese Food Truck- I spent my time over here, I am a sucker for fancy schmancy grilled cheeses!

Wild Bills Beach Dogs Food Truck-"If you can think it, We will do it"

Dear Seaside,

We are fat and happy- Thanks for the good times, we will see you soon!!!

The Piggo’s

Lake Lily Food Truck Cafe

We went down to the Lake Lily Food Truck Cafe last week and had a great time.  We met some friends and made some new ones too.  It was a good time had by all, and would recommend highly.  The prices were great, the food was fresh, creative and delicious.  I would recommend to get there early, as the lines can get long.  And definetly bring your appetite, the choices are vast!  Look below to see some of the highlights.
The bathroom was our first stop, and I just thought this sink was so peculiar. Are all sinks so welcoming?

What a great dinner spot!

Food Truck Alley

I love @BigWheelMCO tables

I think Sir Wes made a few request, they happily obliged.

The @winterparkfish- very tasty!

Cooked perfectly by the man in the @winterparkfish truck

Kobe Dog (@winterparkfish)

Lots of food, not really sure what we got...but I think it was more than we paid for...careful of that @koreanbbq_2011

Just an example of me posing for a picture- I clearly am not fond of letting Sir Wes hold the camera!

Lemonata with Meringue Frosting from @yumyumtruck_fl

Luther Burger from the @TREEHOUSETRUCK- Nothing says it like a picture in this case!

Food Coma, poor girl...but so worth it!