Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

Having a ton of friends interested in food is awesome, there is always a foodie ready for an adventure! We gathered some of these friends and headed out to The Daily City Food Truck Bazaar at Fashion Square Mall last Sunday. With all the great food, old friends and new ones, and many, many laughs, we couldn’t have had a better time (maybe if it was a bit cooler).

Gator Country


Mike, you didn't actually want anything did you??


Here she comes, Melanie, and looks like she has food!!

Help yourself Sir Wes!
Events like this can be found several days of the week in Orlando, some in parking lots and some in pretty parks. I’m thinking tailgates this fall…..

This trio...good old fun...


The Traditional Arepas, Pupusa, for Alex


Our favorite Seafood Guy, Brian!

There’s Robin!!!

If you have events like this in your town I highly recommend going, you will find friendly people, delicious food and support local business’ at the same time! If there isn’t anything like this close to you, just come to Orlando 🙂

Baby JEM begged and begged to come to the Food Truck Bazaar!

The Batter Bowl Truck

The Batter Bowl Truck


I spy Melissa's Chicken and Waffles being ordered!!


Hmmmmm- the heat is getting to Ben....