Forget the Oven- Grill that Turkey!

We have come to love grilling our turkey!  The last few years for Thanksgiving and Christmas we moved the bird from the oven and to the grill and found it to be amazing!  The weather is typically still in the high 70’s or even 80’s here in Florida so it is nice enough to be outside.   With the grill going in the backyard, the oven isn’t heating up the house,  and best of all there is plenty of room for all my sides and desserts to bake! 

The turkey cooks perfectly even, and is the moistest bird I have ever had- EVEN the breast!  Strangely when I tell friends that we grill our turkey no one seems to believe us, so last year we documented it for the non believers.  Thought it would be a good time to share as we are all in the midst of planning our feasts!

Here is the bird, with a creole rub on it!
You can use traditional herbs and garlic, a brine or any other way you are compelled!

Sir Wes, aka- The Grill Ninja!

 We buy about a 12-14 lb turkey and it takes between 2.5 and 3 hours over slow coals. 

We basted the turkey, just like you would in the oven.

We had to crinkle up the pan so it fit on the grill- but it was so nice not worrying about messing up my nice roasting pan!  I made pan sauce on the stove when the bird was done. 

Some snacks while we waited- the Blue Cheese Pecan Gougeres were delicious!

Nice part of grilling the turkey is that you feel ok if you open a beer or make a margarita while you wait for dinner!  

The turkey was a little big, so we covered it loosely with tin foil so the top of the grill didn't sit right on it.We used a disposable pan for easy clean up AND so we could make sure it fit on the grill!

My mouth is watering now just looking at it! 

Nice color, super moist and ever so tasty!

Turkey Leg Cart anyone??  

Incase you are wondering what we had for dessert- Pumpkin Meringue!

No matter how delicious the turkey is- at our table there is always room for dessert!
So for all the non believers out there- it is true- you can grill your turkey!  And it is incredible! 
Happy Turkey Cooking!