Versatile Blogger Award Winner- Yowza!

Sooo excited to be recognized by Ally’s Baking Journey for a Versatile Blogger Award.  It is a true honor for a newcomer, and so awesome to receive a nod from another foodie blogger!  So thank you Ally!!

As a recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award I am able to pass it on to other new blogs that I admire.  Check them out!!!

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Love and Zest

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All of these blogs are great! I hope the recognition is as special to them as it was to me!  And to the recipients they pass it on to! Now on to part II of the Award- 7 Things about myself 🙂

1) I grew up in a pool, swiimming from age 6 and under thru college.  I loved being on a team surronded by such great people and strong role models.

2) My Grandmother (GG) and Uncle are SUBERB Chefs, I love sitting around the kitchen and talking about food with them!

3) I haven’t eaten beef or pork since 1994, the 2nd semester of my freshman year at The College of Charleston- Craig Cafeteria, wasn’t bad…it just was what it was..

4) Sir Wes has a 15 year old daughter, who was nicknamed Jelly by my brother Ryan.  She stays with us most of the week, and is a terrific food critic- She is developing a very refined pallette!

5) Chips, Salsa, and Beer are my end all, cure all.  A bad day often ends with that trio-

6) Sometimes I hope for bad days because of the Chips, Salsa and Beer that might follow 🙂

7) I worked in a popcorn shop when I was in college, which I love to talk about.  Have I ever told you I worked in a popcorn shop??  Well there was also nut shop connected to it- I was the Shop Artist, I painted the tins, and helped out in the shops making great tasty treats and of course “Killa Chedda”!

Anyway- I think it is so great to get a chance to tell you more about myself, and share other blogs with you- I’ve been inspired by many!



13 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award Winner- Yowza!

  1. Congrats on this very well-deserved award! You have a beautiful blog with so many delicious recipes! I look forward to following!! Thanks also for passing the award along to me! That is so kind of you!

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