Clay Roasted Herb Chicken

With the Fall season fast approaching, evident in all the magazines that have apples or pumpkins on the covers, the football fever that is spreading like wild fire, and the mad race to get the first Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks- who wouldn’t be ready to break out the jeans and the indulge in the comforting fall food! 

One of my favorite dishes to cook thru these months is herb roasted chicken- I just love the way the scents fill the house.   Over the last winter holiday, I picked up a Roasting Clay Kit from William-Sonoma and decided to finally use it to kick off the first College Football Weekend with a roasted chicken.  Unfortunately- William-Sonoma no longer sells the kit, however, one of these will be a little easier and equally tasty, I am sure.  Just perhaps not as fun. 

We have a jungle of basil and rosemary growing in our back yard, which filled the bird quite well.   Add an onion, cracked black pepper, a few tablespoons of butter smeared over the chicken, a healthy dose of kosher salt and the bird is ready. 

Just wrap it with some butcher twine so it cooks evenly and you’re set.

We covered the chicken with parchment paper to protect it from the clay before we rolled the clay out.  The clay was treated like pie dough- stretching it out to cover and secure the chicken.   We clinched the edges tightly to prevent any tiny air pockets.  Now into a 425 oven for an hour and 20 minutes.

We pulled the chicken out and allowed it to rest 15 minutes before taking the mallet to it (clearly, this is the best part). 

Our clay roasted chicken came out very flavorful and tender.  The clay trapped the juices and heat into the bird, giving us the most succulent chicken I have had.  Hands down.

I quickly added a Clay Pot to my wish list, I recommend you follow suit! 

Happy Football Weekend!


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